• Stu SchlackmanProcess & Planning

    If you are a Gold, you are about process and planning. Your strengths are in organization & structure.
    Preparation = Great Sales…

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  • Stu SchlackmanPassion & People

    If you are a Blue, you are about passion and people. You care about relationships, honesty and trust.
    Great sales are all about relationships.

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  • Stu SchlackmanPrecision & Perfection

    If you are a Green, you are about precision and perfection. Your strengths are innovation and detail.

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  • Stu Schlackman
    Performance & Persuasion

    If you are an Orange, you are about performance and persuasion. Your strengths are competitiveness and     thinking on your feet.

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How can Stu Schlackman
improve your sales?

Whether you‘re a small or mid-size company with a sales team of ten or a large corporation of one hundred thousand employees we understand your challenges and address the issues that can produce the results you‘re looking for.

Stu’s 4 X 4 Sales System will help your organization:

•  PREPARE – to match your customers’ personality styles

•  PRESENT – to match their communication style

•  CONNECT – based on what they value

•  COMMIT – by understanding how they make decisions

Understanding the person‘s personality preferences will add a new dimension to team interaction, and with customers and prospects. Knowing what motivates individuals to action, how they prefer to communicate, and how they make decisions brings teams to a new level. The results are increased productivity, higher sales win rate, new business and a shorter sales cycle.

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